Only a month left?!

I am in full swing with teaching now. I am teaching 2 lessons a day which ends up being quite a bit of the day but still not as much as America. I have been teaching grammar, morning routines and volcano lessons. The Dynamic Earth is the topic they are currently studying so I have been doing a lot of lessons on volcanoes and I have really enjoyed it.

I got observed for the first time this week and I did a lesson plan about Mount Vesuvius. The lesson went well and Lois had some good feedback for me. Lois is my tutor and kind of like an advisor. I get observed by a different tutor this upcoming week.

During week nights I have been doing a lot of lesson planning and preparation for lesson plans. This weekend was very relaxed because we have two big weekends coming up. Next weekend we go to Dublin and Galway. The weekend after that is Barcelona. This Saturday we did the Black Taxi Tour and that was very interesting. Our tour guide was definitely Catholic so I would really be interested in taking the same tour with a Protestant tour guide to see the differences. After that we witnessed the Christmas lights get turned on in Belfast. It was really pretty and put me in the mood for Christmas!

Sunday, I had a lazy day which was actually very needed. I feel like I always find something to do with my downtime so it was nice to just lay around before the start of another week!