Another week, Mohre fun!

Monday we went on a tour to Youthlink and they showed us around the peace walls. I wrote my name and year on the peace walls. I got the day off Tuesday so I spent that day doing some lesson plans and working on my e-portfolio. Wednesday was a half day, which doesn’t involve much teaching because the students go swimming at 11 that day. Thursday I got observed and i taught my first math lesson here. They have been working on fractions so it wasn’t necessarily an easy topic. I tried using cubes to teach fractions. By the end of the lesson I wasn’t sure if I confused them more or helped them. They students were able to tell me the answer but when it came to showing me how they solved it with their cubes, they were very confused. Honestly, the lesson probably taught me more than it taught the students. It was also a great lesson for me to get observed for because it didn’t go as I planned so my supervisor got to see me deal with adversity and she had good things to say about that.

Friday Shealagh and I left for Dublin. We had Katie and Tunde (two other Americans) meet us later that night. We were so excited to be in a hotel instead of a hostel so we just sat in our hotel room and watched a movie. Saturday we decided to do a Paddywagon bus tour to The Cliffs of Moher. It was a long day but a good choice to do the tour. We drove from the East coast of Ireland to the West coast. We stopped at the Burren, which is a National park with a bunch of Limestone rock. It also had the “Baby cliffs”, which we got some good pictures with the sun out.

We stopped in a cute little fishing village called Doolan for lunch. Nest stop was the famous Mohre Cliffs. Sadly, it was very foggy but it cleared for about ten minutes. It was still breathtaking even if we couldn’t see all of the cliffs. I may have taken a year off of Shealagh’s life. We were about to take a selfie kind of close to the edge when I slipped and grabbed Shealagh’s backpack. She screamed and ran forward to get away from the cliff. Katie grabbed me so I wouldn’t fall of the edge. After everyone realized I wasn’t falling to my death, we all cracked up about Shealagh’s response. Once we got back to Dublin, we ate and went to bed after the long day.

Sunday morning, Shealagh and I went to the Guinness storehouse. I hadn’t tried Guinness until I got to Northern Ireland but I really like it now! It was a very cool experience to see the history, ingredients and advertisement. We also got to pour our perfect Guinness then take it up to the gravity bar and drink it while overlooking the city of Dublin. We also went a little crazy at the gift store. We walked to the bus station and were exhausted by the time we got back to Belfast. It was another good week! We have less than three weeks, which is hard to believe!