The Beginning of the End

This week we finished our time teaching at placement. I will still have a few more days at school in Breda, but no longer teaching lessons. The funniest part of my last days teaching, were some pupils not realizing that I would be returning to America after my time in Belfast (or that I was American at all). It has been very busy finalizing all of our assignments and courses here in Belfast. We have final presentations coming up next week and our graduation, but it does not feel real that our time here is ending.

We spent this weekend in Belfast to really enjoy our home city one last time. The best part of the weekend was going to St. George’s Market; something we had wanted to do for a long time. The market holds local artists, musicians, and restaurants. We had great food and were able to finish up our souvenir shopping. The market was bustling the whole afternoon and had a band in the center filling the area with traditional Irish music. It was a great memory to end our time in Belfast.

I think the hardest part of our time coming to a close, is saying goodbye to all of the amazing people I have met. The professors, friends, and fellow Americans that we have spent the last 10 weeks have begun to feel like our family abroad. It is tough to think about leaving all of them, but they are amazing motivators to some day make our way back to Belfast.