Santiago, Chile

  • Spring or Fall semester
  • First half of ST is here; second half in Santiago (7-10-week program)
  • Must have minimum 3.0 GP
  • Must pass a disciplinary record review
  • Must undergo and pass background check per Chilean and US FBI requirements
  • Tuition costs are 13 credits of Drake tuition at the same cost for student teaching in Des Moines for one semester.
  • We do not require Spanish language skills, but recommend that you be able to at least speak like a 3-year-old child.
  • Other costs are still being determined
    • You will need to pay for visa fees and an FBI background . You will be guided in the process by Drake International Study Abroad adviser, Breanne Davies and the UANDES Incoming Exchange Student Adviser (Rosario Diaz).
    • Your food will run approx $160/month.
    • Housing is still being worked out, but should be equivalent to what you pay for rent per month living in Des Moines.
    • Your housing would also be determined at least 2 months in advance.
      • Your hosing will be located near your school placement or on public transportation lines that give you direct access to your school.
    • You will have to pay for your RT airfare and any immunizations. As of January 2016 RT flights to/from Santiago are approximately $1200–1500.
    • You go through our partner, University de los Andes (UANDES). Since they are an official partner university, you would go as an exchange student and you DO NOT pay tuition to UANDES, only Drake.
    • Your placement will most likely be in a private, bilingual school, and you will teach your courses in English
      • Public schools in Chile are taught almost exclusively in Spanish. It may be possible, however, for you to be able to observe classes in these public schools.

Also, please be sure to follow this link—or copy and paste the following URL into your browser —and complete a short form so that I can be sure to keep you included in future communications regarding the program. Future emails about meetings and information will go to the people who complete the form.

If you would like to set up a time to meet with me , follow this link to schedule an appointment online. Be sure your Google calendars settings are set for the Central Time zone: