Semester in Northern Ireland

The Teaching and Learning Department of the School of Education has created a semester long study abroad program for teacher education majors at Stranmillis University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The program is implemented by the study abroad provider IFSA-Butler.

Drake teacher education students can spend one semester at Stranmillis and earn directly transferrable credits for the teacher education program (elementary and secondary). This means you can study abroad and still graduate on time. You can find a list of Stranmillis courses and their Drake equivalents below.

Stranmillis/Drake Articulation Chart
Course equivalences for transfer credit.

Stranmillis University College
Belfast, No. Ireland
Drake University
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
SEC 3045 – Young Children & Families SPED 172 – School, Families, Community, and Disabilities
SEC 2007 – Child Development 1 EDUC 105 – Human Development Elementary
SEC3009 – Understanding of Diversity & Inclusion EDUC 164 – Perspectives in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity
SCS3016 – Children’s Literature EDUC 124 – Children’s Literature
Health & Leisure Classes – varied EDUC 123 – PE and Health
SES3009/SES3069 – Children with Special and Additional Needs SPED 120 – Introduction to Special Education
SEE 2009 – Diversity and Inclusion SPED 120 – Introduction to Special Education (Early Childhood Emphasis)
SES2006/2076 – Learning and Assessment in Diverse Classrooms EDUC 164 – Perspectives in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity
SCS1010 – Mathematics and Numeracy 1 Math 024 – Math for Elementary Education 1
SCS 3018 – Expressive and Physical Development: A Themed Approach EDUC 113 – Art Integration
Secondary Business Courses – varied
Peace and Conflict: The Irish Question HIST 134 (AOI)
  • Other courses may become available.
  • Full semester = 15 credits, but 3 classes
    Student teaching = 10 weeks, 12.5 credits
  • Participants will be Drake University School of Education students, approved to participate by the Drake University School of Education (letter).
  • Students will have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • May 1 deadline for fall student teaching
  • Students must have an Iowa background check
  • Students must complete IFSA-Butlerl medical forms and emergency contact information.

Click to download the Stranmillis_Handbook handbook.

For more information about this semester long study abroad opportunity, contact Professor Matthew Hayden at