Northern Ireland

  • Fall and Spring semester (need a minimum number of students)
  • First half of ST is here; second half in Belfast (10-week program)
  • Must have minimum 3.0 GP
  • Must pass a disciplinary record review
  • Must undergo and pass background check per UKts
 Costs and Inclusions Covered by Program Fee
  • Program fee was approx $13,800 for Fall 2016
  • Covers housing in dorms on Stranmillis campus
  • Breakfast and dinner (most students grab extra at breakfast and use for their lunch)
  • Transportation to and from school site
  • Cultural activities and events
  • Tuition for Stranmillis University (our partner institution through which the program is run)
Your costs
  • You pay for your RT flight and initial transportation to campus and transportation to flight home
  • As of September 2017 RT DSM to Belfast approximately $1000-1600 (the earlier you book, the lower the price).
  • You pay for additional activities, travels, etc.
  • You pay Drake tuition for first half of semester (7cr undergraduate / 6 cr MAT/MST)
    • Student teaching is 13 credits for the semester (11 cr for MAT/MST), but you will only be at Drake for 1/2 semester, therefore you pay Drake tuition for approx 6-8 weeks of that (6-7 credits)
  • Belfast program fee covers the rest.
  • Those credits then transfer back to Drake

Example of the Fall 2015 program – Ori 7- Stran 10 week programme- Fall 2015

If you have not already, please be sure to follow this link—or copy and paste the following URL into your browser  —and complete a short form so that I can be sure to keep you included in future communications regarding the program. Future emails about meetings and information will go to the people who complete the form.

If you would like to set up a time to meet with me , follow this link to schedule an appointment online: